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Southern weddings with charm? We got your covered. Affordable Triad weddings? We are here for you.Vade Mecum is the perfect spot for your wedding. Below are photos by: JJHorton

Moore’s Springs Restaurant Demolition

Here is a video of Moore’s Springs Restaurant being torn down. When I was caretaker of the campground from 2002-2004 I lived in the left side of the red house. ~Janis

Holiday Presents

Want to support Vade Mecum and the Stokes County Arts Council? Stop by the Arts Council in Danbury to purchase a calendar and a print of Cheshire Hall. The price is $50. This will make a great gift for anyone who loves Vade Mecum.

Work Days Begin

We need you! Yes that’s right, we need you to help clean up Vade Mecum & Moore Springs! Please keep an eye on our Facebook page for the upcoming work days. Our October and November ones were a huge success! Read about the October workday in the Stokes News

Sertoma is Saved!

The governor signed the budget! That means the property known as Camp Sertoma has been transfered to DENR and the state park system. Nicholas Elmes wrote a great article that sums up where things are at now: Sertoma transfer passes. I want to thank everyone that was part of the Save Sertoma team. Many people worked behind the scenes to…
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History Repeating Itself?

In researching Vade Mecum I came across the full text of The Book “Clover All Over”. It mentions Sertoma 6 times. What I found fascinating is the mention of NCSU acquiring the property in 1980, but not using the facility until 1982. I ┬áhope history is not repeating itself. Let’s all pull together to make sure it doesn’t. On…
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