Friends of Vade Mecum

History Repeating Itself?

In researching Vade Mecum I came across the full text of The Book “Clover All Over”. It mentions Sertoma 6 times. What I found fascinating is the mention of NCSU acquiring the property in 1980, but not using the facility until 1982. I  hope history is not repeating itself. Let’s all pull together to make sure it doesn’t.

On page 270
“The Stokes County facility called Camp Sertoma and used for many years as a center for recreating handicapped youth became new 4-H property in 1980.”

On page 271
“Under the supervision of Del Bachert who had succeeded Fred Wagoner as speciaUst in 1979, Sertoma 4-H Camp was reclaimed from undergrowth and neglect in time for the camping season of 1982. This beautiful site includes the once fashionable spa named Vade Mecum, both the spring and the old hotel, which Extension agents had used in the early 1940s as a center for learning how to train that era’s neighborhood 4-H leaders.
Activities for 4-H’ers at this new camp during the summer of ’83 included:

  • Swimming
  • Beginner and Advanced Water Aerobics
  • Outdoor Living
  • Equipment
  • Setting up camp
  • Outdoor cooking
  • Roughing it
  • Overnight Camping
  • Nature Appreciation
  • Creek Mining
  • Fishing Techniques
  • Trees and plants
  • Nature crafts
  • Performing Arts
  • Acting
  • Choral music
  • Improvisation
  • Puppetry
  • Skits and stunts
  • Dancing
  • Set construction
  • Stage lighting
  • Make up
  • Mask making
  • Aerobics
  • Beauty and Fashion
  • Archery
  • River Canoeing
  • Camp Craft
  • First Aid
  • New Games