Friends of Vade Mecum

Fund the Parks

I had a great meeting today with Dave Cook with the State Parks at Camp Sertoma. WE NEED YOUR HELP!!! cheshire hall porch
If you want Sertoma to be part of the State Park System we need to let our State Representatives know. Why? Because we need them to FUND the parks. Right now, Hanging Rock does not have the financial resources to take on Sertoma. But we can fix this!
If you live in Stokes County, email or call Bryan Holloway (919) 733-5609 and Shirley Randleman (919) 733-5743 – and tell them we want the Vade Mecum and Moores Springs properties to become part of Hanging Rock State Park AND we need their help in funding the park system. Thank them for their support — they are our allies!