Friends of Vade Mecum

Supporting Hanging Rock State Park

Phase 3 Plans & Survey

Please look at the Master Plan for Vade Mecum, formerly known as Camp Sertoma, and the vignettes by visiting hangingrockexpansionmasterplan.comIf you don’t want 70% of the structures at main camp torn down, then please fill out the survey by October 1st and make your opinion be heard. OBS says, “Your input on the draft master plan is highly valued. After studying…
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Vade Mecum Master Plan Survey

Do you want the pool and cabin circles 1 & 2 at Vade Mecum to be parking lots? Well they are slatted for that in Plans B & C.  Let your opinions be heard! 1. Read the Conceptual Plans and then 2. Take the survey on which plan you like best and make comments. Do you want a public pool…
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Vade Mecum Fundraising

Janis Henderson-Hunsucker has partnered up with the Stokes County Arts Council to have several events in July to raise funds for the property.  First is an art show entitled, Art for Vade Mecum. The second activity is a series of 3 art workshops for kids held at the Hanging Rock Visitor’s Center classroom and the last is a concert entitled…
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Students research and visit local historical sites

From The Stokes News: South Stokes teacher Sheila Patterson wanted her students to learn more about local history, and not just from a textbook. “This is the first year I’ve done this,” the veteran teacher said. “It was a culminating project for my Advancement Placement US History kids. After they take the AP test in May, I usually have them…
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Master Plan for Vade Mecum

The Park Advisory Council met last night at HARO and Robin invited a handful of Save Sertoma folks and invested stakeholders. to listen to OBS Landscape Architects discuss how they are going to create a master plan for Vade Mecum and Moore’s Springs. It is important to note that the state division of parks has asked for this study/master plan.…
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Moore’s Springs Restaurant Demolition

Here is a video of Moore’s Springs Restaurant being torn down. When I was caretaker of the campground from 2002-2004 I lived in the left side of the red house. ~Janis

Holiday Presents

Want to support Vade Mecum and the Stokes County Arts Council? Stop by the Arts Council in Danbury to purchase a calendar and a print of Cheshire Hall. The price is $50. This will make a great gift for anyone who loves Vade Mecum.

Work continues on opening Vade Mecum

Despite setbacks, plans in the works to increase public access By: Nicholas Elmes May 2, 2015 Despite a lack of state funding and a continuing discovery of new issues, Hanging Rock State Park and the Friends of Sauratown Mountains (FSM) are working to get parts of the Vade Mecum property open to the public. Park Superintendent Robin Riddlebarger said they…
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Work Days Begin

We need you! Yes that’s right, we need you to help clean up Vade Mecum & Moore Springs! Please keep an eye on our Facebook page for the upcoming work days. Our October and November ones were a huge success! Read about the October workday in the Stokes News

Volunteers Needed

And now the work begins…. Right now, the park is thinking of either cleaning out the red house/old restaurant at Moore’s Springs and/or the buildings/cabins at Vade Mecum. But we can’t do this alone. We need VOLUNTEERS for these work days! If you can spare some time, join our email – mailing list. Fill out the google form and you will…
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