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Letter to the Editor – The Stokes News
Don’t Close Sertoma 4-H Center
It was announced on 10/16/13 that the State 4-H Office will close Sertoma 4-H Educational Center on January 1, 2014. Sertoma, which is located off of Moore’s Spring Road, has served as a valued resource for education and youth development for the children of North Carolina for 29 years.  Nearly 800 children participate in life skills development through the residential summer camping programs each year.
In addition, the Center serves as a conference and training facility for Forsyth Technical Community College students, youth development professionals and volunteers and community and corporate groups.  Most of these users will no longer be served by Extension once Sertoma is closed; since the remaining facilities – Eastern Center is too far away and Millstone is too primitive for these user groups.  Lives are changed because of the programs that are provided through Cooperative Extension and its partners.  The Center is crucial in providing access to innovative educational approaches to an underfunded public school system as well as North Carolina State University’s Youth Development community.   Sertoma was a gift to the 4-H  program by the Winston-Salem & Yadkinville Sertoma Clubs. Millions in donor and tax dollars and volunteer sweat equity have been invested in this unique and valuable resource. Turning our back on that investment is a breach of trust with those supporters and the public we serve.
Take action! Phone and email the important stakeholders:
1. Dr. Marshall Stewart, Department Head, 4-H Youth Development and Family Consumer Sciences –919.515.8466 –
2. Dr. Joe Zublena, Associate Dean & Director of Extension – (919) 515-2813 –
3. Dr. Richard Linton Dean of the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences – 919-515-2668 –
4. Chancellor Randy Woodson – 919-515-2191 –
Ask them to commit to working with community stakeholders to develop a strategy for the  continued operation of Sertoma 4-H Educational Center as an Extension outreach of NCSU and North Carolina 4-H
Next call and email our representatives, Bryan Holloway (919) 733-5609 and Shirley Randleman (919) 733-5743 – Tax dollars and donor investments are not being maximized if Sertoma is closed. It is a waste of tax payer and donor money.
Last, join our Save Sertoma facebook page and visit

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead

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