Friends of Vade Mecum

Contact Holloway & Randleman

Contact the two senators where Camp Sertoma is.

First, either call or email Bryan Holloway at 919-733-5609 or

Second, either call or email Shirley Randleman at(919) 733-5743 or

Claire-Marie Hannon has come up with some talking points to use when discussing the closure of the three 4-H Centers with folks.

The Centers are more valued by the citizens of North Carolina than by the Dean of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. (Then share why you value the services provided by the center. Try to focus on current/recent services and impacts if you can. I am as proud of our history as you are but I get the feeling that these folks think that the Center is no longer relevant)

Extension and the University have a mandate to provide educational services to the community and you are concerned that this mandate is being ignored or diminished.

Tax dollars and donor investments are not being maximized if the Center is closed. It is a waste of tax payer and donor money. 1 million dollars has been invested in improvements in renovating Sertoma alone over the last several years. It was not as much as should have been invested but it is absurd to waste that investment.

We want an opportunity to work with the University to identify how to continue the 4-H Centers operation so it can continue to provide these services to children and the community.


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