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NC Senate Bill 744

Jesse Moore on the Save Sertoma Facebook page says:

County Commissioner Ronda Jones just sent me an email with a copy of N.C. Senate Bill 744 and said this:
“Of course, there is always a possibility that something will happen at the last minute, but I feel 99.99% sure, right now, that this will pass the House. The other commissioners and I have been working closely with the legislature for several months on this.”
The operative text (which [Stokes News reporter] Nick Elmes posted awhile ago) is: 

SECTION 11.7.(d) The Department of Administration shall reallocate all of the approximately 716 acres of State-owned real property that is part of Camp Sertoma/Moore Springs property to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. The General Assembly authorizes the Department of Environment and Natural Resources to add this property to the State Parks System as provided in G.S. 113-44.14(b).”

Jones noted that it’s not time to celebrate … yet. This is not law yet. But, as she said, it’s looking very, very good.
For myself, I’m delighted to see the Bill includes the entire property — Camp Sertoma AND Moore’s Springs tracts, which ensures access to the Dan River.  “

Let’s continue to think positive thoughts. Our legislators that represent Stokes County know how we feel and they deserve to be thanked. However, if you don’t live in the county please call your house and senate rep and tell them to please contact your legislators and ask them to specifically support SECTION 11.7.(d) of SENATE BILL 744, having to do with Camp Sertoma/Moore’s Springs.