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Holding Our Breath

It seems like we are holding our breath, waiting to hear if SB744 has passed. Luckily we have good news from Nick Elmes of the Stokes News:

Sertoma supporters anxious for state budget – Randleman, Holloway say budget will pass
By Nicholas Elmes

The growing budget battle in Raleigh has made some local supporters of Camp Sertoma nervous that clashes over Medicaid and teacher salaries may result in a budget impasse which would leave the language transferring Camp Sertoma to the state park system unpassed this year.

But local state representatives said this weekend that a final state budget will be passed.

“The Senate is not planning on going home,” said Senator Shirley Randleman. “We are continuing our efforts for negotiation and hope to see some movement on it this week.”

Randleman said she had been working with some House members herself and the selected conferees were still working on a compromise on the budget.

Rep. Bryan Holloway agreed that the Sertoma transfer will become a reality this year.

“A budget will pass, it’s just going to take some time to negotiate,” he said. “The Sertoma piece is not in controversy and will be a part of the final budget.”

The recent budget battle has focused mainly around estimates of funding for teachers raises and Medicaid costs. The House has proposed a five percent teacher pay increase paid for through projected increases in lottery revenue that would be generated through increased advertising. But questions have arisen over the legitimacy of those projections.

There have also been battles over the projected cost of Medicaid with the Senate disputing the projected costs. The House and Senate budgets differ by about $250 million in proposed spending Medicaid.

Nicholas Elmes may be reached at 336-591-8191 or on Twitter @NicholasElmes.