Friends of Vade Mecum

call to action

Please email or call your NC House & Senate Rep

Friends I need your help. Stokes residents please email or call 919-733-5609 and or call (919) 733-7850 and tell them to put money in the Cultural Resources budget to save the buildings at Vade Mecum (hotel, chapel and gym). If you live outside of Stokes, you can find your NC legislators by address look up – The state…
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Sign Our Petition Please

Dear Friends, I just added the petition “Preserve & Restore Historic Vade Mecum”. It would mean a lot to me if you took a moment to add your name because:we need to preserve one of the few still standing, turn of the century mineral resort hotels. And to be able to share with future generations the opportunity to visit and…
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Staff Photos Needed!

2004 Camp Sertoma Staff

The Friends of The Sauratown Mountains is working on turning one of the computer labs at Vade Mecum into a temporary history room. I would LOVE to see framed 8×10 staff photos along one wall or around the top of the room, similar to 4-H Camp Betsy Jeff Penn’s staff photos in their cafeteria. I need your help. Email Janis…
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Phase 3 Plans & Survey

Please look at the Master Plan for Vade Mecum, formerly known as Camp Sertoma, and the vignettes by visiting hangingrockexpansionmasterplan.comIf you don’t want 70% of the structures at main camp torn down, then please fill out the survey by October 1st and make your opinion be heard. OBS says, “Your input on the draft master plan is highly valued. After studying…
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Vade Mecum Master Plan Survey

Do you want the pool and cabin circles 1 & 2 at Vade Mecum to be parking lots? Well they are slatted for that in Plans B & C.  Let your opinions be heard! 1. Read the Conceptual Plans and then 2. Take the survey on which plan you like best and make comments. Do you want a public pool…
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Volunteers Needed

And now the work begins…. Right now, the park is thinking of either cleaning out the red house/old restaurant at Moore’s Springs and/or the buildings/cabins at Vade Mecum. But we can’t do this alone. We need VOLUNTEERS¬†for these work days! If you can spare some time, join our email – mailing list. Fill out the google form and you will…
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We Need Your Help

State Parks has finished their assessment of the Vade Mecum and Moore’s Springs properties and concluded they are important assets to the region, the facilities and conservation values fall within the State Park’s mission, and the Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) does not oppose adding the properties to Hanging Rock State Park. Action for the transfer of the properties…
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Fund the Parks

I had a great meeting today with Dave Cook with the State Parks at Camp Sertoma. WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!¬† If you want Sertoma to be part of the State Park System we need to let our State Representatives know. Why? Because we need them to FUND the parks. Right now, Hanging Rock does not have the financial resources to…
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What can you do?

I have included the website address for our group on the signs in hope that folks will join our case. 1. Please join our Facebook group – 2. Email or call Bryan Holloway (919) 733-5609 and Shirley Randleman (919) 733-5743 – and tell them THANK YOU for helping Save Sertoma they are our ALLIES and very supportive.…
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Signs Are Here

Carroll Signs and Advertising in King did a great job with the signs. We did a run of 25. They are double sided corrugated vinyl. If you are interested in buying one, they are $9. each leave us a message on the Save Sertoma Facebook page. Once I get enough interest I will print more.