Friends of Vade Mecum

We Need Your Help

State Parks has finished their assessment of the Vade Mecum and Moore’s Springs properties and concluded they are important assets to the region, the facilities and conservation values fall within the State Park’s mission, and the Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) does not oppose adding the properties to Hanging Rock State Park. Action for the transfer of the properties to State Parks and associated funding is now in the hands of the N.C. Legislature. They will be convening the short session on Wednesday, May 14th and should take action on this during the session.

Your FSM Board has completed their assessment as well and has concluded that these properties would make an excellent addition to Hanging Rock. But we need your support and here is what we need for you to do:

Contact Sen. Shirley Randleman at 919-733-5743 or and Rep. Byran Holloway at 919-733-5609 or and ask them for their support. We understand that Rep. Holloway has been working with State Parks and NCSU officials to enable this transfer. Please thank him for his efforts.

For those of you who live outside their legislative district, please also consider contacting your Senator and Representative to ask them to support this measure when it reaches their committee or their chamber floor. Here is a link to the General Assembly website where you can find the contact information for all General Assembly members:

Time is of the essence! We need this to happen during this short session of the General Assembly. And we really need your help! Please make those calls and send those emails.

Thank you!
Jay Young, President
Friends of Sauratown Mountains