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Save Camp Sertoma
Stokes News has a front page article about Camp Sertoma in the Thursday January 16 issue entitled, “Attempt to Save Camp Sertoma Stalls“.¬†Editor Nicholas Eames managed to distill a complicated set of issues into a tightly-written, succinct article.
The piece says the County Manager did not receive any responses to the County’s Request for Information by the deadline, January 15. County Manager Rick Morris said of the lack of responses, “If there is zero interest it is really probably a waste of time to keep belaboring it.”
He continued, “While we are continuing these discussions with N.C. State, if something popped up we would certainly consider it.”
I read that to mean: Since no one has offered a proposal that meets the county’s criteria, we’re back where we started: NC State will decide the fate of Camp Sertoma.
(But it seems Mr. Morris leaves the door open for someone to offer something, even though the deadline has passed.)
Jesse Moore